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   MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) which is a technology realizing chemical analysis systems and medical devices with small and high quality, was achieved by microfabrication of silicon and polymeric material. Since material characteristics in nano-micro space are important in this fabrication process, computer simulation of materials and fabrication process focusing on the molecular scale are studied. In addition, a new fabrication process using nanomaterials is being researched in our laboratory.
   In the experimental research, we fabricate a microfluidic device using micromachining technique, and we develop a synthesis of nanomaterials such as metallic nanoparticles using the fabricated device. In addition, the application of the synthesized nanomaterials to immune tests and catalysts for automobile exhaust gas.
   In the research of simulation, the prediction of properties of polymer resists and rubber material, and simulation of laser processing and micropowder blasting are researched using parallel computing such as a supercomputer according to the calculation scale. Moreover, the development of a novel fabrication process and materials using the simulation results about technical information and optical property of materials is carried out. We focus on the characteristics of MEMS materials such as polymer resist in meso scale, and an application of developed materials to microsystem is pursued.

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